A List Of Good Budget Hotels in Siliguri

A List Of Good Budget Hotels in Siliguri


Siliguri being the biggest commercial hub in the entire northern part of West Bengal sees a massive traffic of travellers and people who visit this place for official purposes. Majorly due to the tourism sector, the city is flourishing today in sectors like the hotel industry and transport industry. Tourism plays a significant role in uplifting the business for the hotel industry. That is probably the main reason behind cheap hotels in Siliguri is being one of the biggest targets for the tourists that come here. Since tourists are mostly on a tight budget during any tour, they prefer staying in hotels that cost them less.

Below is the list of few good budget hotels that are high on demand

North Point Hotel

This hotel provides excellent hospitality and other services that attract the customers to visit again when needed. The staff in this property is well mannered and very friendly with the customers. They have various facilities like AC, breakfast facilities, Geyser and 24x7 room service too. This hotel is located in a good position which is near to the market area as well.

Hotel Crossover

The quality of services that are provided in this property will give you a very luxurious vibe. The hotel authorities are also very cooperative which helps the customers to have a great stay in this hotel. With lavish and elaborate rooms, this hotel can give a homely atmosphere with their hospitality and treatment.

Hotel Niladri Galaxy

It is one of the best cheap hotels in Siliguri which is located in a very prime location of the city. The easy conveyance and strategic position, this attracts a lot of customers all throughout the year. They provide you with warm welcome as soon as you enter their premises. With proper food that is served here, this hotel can be a good one for you.

Classic Lodge

This hotel is very near to the New Jalpaiguri railway station which means that you can easily check-in here after you reach New Jalpaiguri. If you are planning to visit some exotic destinations near Siliguri then this hotel can serve you with their best facilities in whatever little time you can spend here.

The cheap hotels in Siliguri are always trying to improve their services that they provide in order to get more and more customers. This means that the customers are their first priority. So if you are planning to visit Siliguri you can check these places for your accommodation.

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