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A stay should not be under any compulsion but should feel better than at Home. Blend in to the best of facilities in the best of places so that you get what you truly deserve. Comfort and home atmosphere is what we have for you reserved as there is no luxury that you do not deserve. We shall take care of you with comfort, and with utmost precision and pleasure. We give you the affordable best that is very hard to be found anywhere else.

Hotel Crosover
Hotel Crosover

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Cherishing forever is a priority and what better way than our range of exquisite well planned Fine Rooms

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Our Guestbook

Bishal Seth
"The best place to stay while in town and all I do is just drive straight here and then the staff takes over. You won’t get that anywhere else."
Tithi Chatterjee
"It’s our new home while in town as the ease of booking is comfortable and the hospitality is great here."
Sayantan Das
"Why must you settle for less when you can get the same luxury at an even more affordable cost"
Prakash Agarwal
"My kid's birthday was done here and I'm pretty happy with the kind of services that the staff showed to make my kids important day, a success"

Top Destinations

A stay will just be a stay when you do not add some excitement to it. Here are few nearby destinations that could help you do it perfectly



Around 45 km drive from here, Mirik is the beautiful small hamlet that is beauty beyond bounds. The beautiful lake that glitters as the sun hits the waters and the sight of hungry fishes being fed by travelers is a truly remarkable sight. You can also ride a horse here or cross to the other side of the bridge that is beautifully built across the lake. You can also shop for very beautiful souvenirs from stalls here.
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Around 67 km drive from here; Darjeeling is one of the most heritage locations that have travelers from across the world visiting it. It stands tall beautifully cold and beautiful among the clouds that sometimes cover most of its beauty only to clear up for an even more beautiful surprise. Drive up and do not stop at every beautiful location because this way it will take you 10 hours to reach the beautiful 2 hour drive.
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About 1 and half hour drive from here, Kurseong is quite nearby due to the recent Rohini road that has cut short the distance by less than half. The way is beautiful towards the top and the drive is perfect for family and for friends. There are the best of places to visit here like the Eagle Craig points and it's simply amazing here. Do the best of things here and return back in less than an hour and a half.
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