Places to Visit

Places to visit around

When you are staying somewhere you must also know about the best of places nearby. Let us see some of the popular choices for locations that could really spice up your much awaited vacation.

Salugara Monastery

It is one of the most serene and pristine locations that gives you immense peace. Around 6 km from the main town, this Monastery is the most beautifully decorated and shows a great piece of Tibetan architecture that is too good for the eyes. Visit here for some blessings and some silent peaceful rejuvenation of the soul.

Bengal Safari

Inaugurated in the year 2016, by the present chief minister of Bengal, it is an excellent effort to provide the pleasure of wilderness and exotic animals to the residents. Here there are various varieties of animals and birds that can be seen here. There are fixed timings for safari that provides a good opportunity to have a wild safari experience.


There are various destinations inside Dooars that start right as you drive a few kilometers from Siliguri towards the outskirts. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks that are pretty wildly beautiful and there also are pretty beautiful locations like Murti which is pretty beautiful with a river and hills as its surroundings.


Visit Mirik and see what great creator Nature is. See the best of places around and the most favorite of yours will definitely be the Mirik Lake. There is also the facility of boating on the Lake and if you have a fancy about cowboy movies, you can ride a horse here along the park that is attached. It really makes a great place to visit once in a while.

North Bengal Science Center

Science fanatics or families on a tour could surely come in here for a little dose of science and its mysteries unexplained. It's a good place to visit for some great knowledge tour as Science. Spend some few hours of your precious time on some magic that are displayed here, and be part of this wonderful fun situated in the outskirts of Siliguri in Matigara.